What we are

SURYA TECH SOLUTIONS is nongovernmental, non partisan, non political, fully controlled and run by professional well educated experienced and competent expertise. ​ SURYA TECH SOLUTIONS is an active organisation working through direct co-operation with local Ministries, NGO's, Resident and contractors and registered by Company Registration. ​ SURYA TECH SOLUTIONS organisational structure consists of Head Quarters, Engineering Department, Planning Department, Finance Department, Survey and Design Department. ​ SURYA TECH SOLUTIONS is guided by Board of Directors-Director General and his management team, which is comprised of all department and section heads, carries out its management and operations.


SURYA TECH SOLUTIONS strategies and program implemented on the basis of the following principles:

  • To establish a high standard in safe construction
  • To be environmentally sustainable,
  • To achieve performance excellence create standards
  • SURYA TECH SOLUTIONS is providing employment to the people and much needed training that will contribute to the revitalisation of the infrastructure

    Our Skills

    Techlogy Training
    Telecome Industry

    Meet The Team

    Mr.Sateesh Kumar

    Md [STS]; Co-Partner [TECHONA]


    Hr-Manager [STS & TECHONA]

    Mr. T.S.S.Praveen

    Md [TECHONA]


    Project-Manager [STS & TECHONA]