Employment Sector

Engineering Services

Tower Inspection:

Surya tech solutions will climb your tower, undertake a thorough inspection and then provide you with a report precisely providing the information required for a tower analysis, required before additional loading is added. Unless very accurate records have been kept Tower Mapping is an essential source of information prior to tower analysis.

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Installation & Commissioning

Installation of BTS / MW Equipment:

Surya tech solutions undertakes installation & de-installation projects for complete telecom networks.

  • Fixing of Horizontal Cable Tray
  • Fixing of RF Antennae and Microwave Antennae
  • Clamping and Routing of Cables
  • Grounding / Earthing
  • Alignment of Antenna as per Specifications
  • Installation of Radio Base Station (RBS)
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    BTS Cell Site Maintenance

  • BTS (Base Transceiver Station)
  • Diesel Generator Engine
  • Diesel Generator Alternator
  • PMU (Power Management Unit)
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Batteries
  • Cables
  • Lightning Arrester
  • Aviation Lamp(s)
  • Tower / Mast / Pole
  • AC & DC Power Supplies
  • Mobile DG Services
  • Earth Pits
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    GSM Antenna Installation

    GSM Antenna Installation :

    The installation of antenna mounting pipes associated with mechanical arrangement will be examined and where necessary corrected to ensure the following: -.

  • Desired Height
  • Grounding
  • Desired Orientation
  • Lighting Protection
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    Installation & Commissioning of Multiplexers in MSC, BSC and Cell Sites

  • Installing the mux in the rack and powering up from DC Distribution Box.
  • Installing The NVM (Non Volatile Memory) cards in the Mux.
  • Installing The DCDB in the rack.
  • Power tapping from rectifier to DCDB.
  • Installing the tributary cables from mux to Digital Distribution Frame.
  • Kroning the E1s in their respective krone modules (Tx, Rx).
  • Labeling the krone modules like TXs and RXs, and tributary cables.
  • Grounding the rack, and mux, from the grounding bar (less than 1 ohm) in the shelter.
  • Commissioning of mux.
  • Giving IP Address for DCC and Ethernet for management purpose.
  • Checking all kroned E1s with giving local loops from PC by using Bit Error Rate (BER) Meter.
  • Checking mux Tx power of all out ports.
  • Checking the transmitting power of both the optical ports using power meter.
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    Tower Maintenance

  • Aviation Lamp Checking of Aviation Lamp
  • Feeder & power cables between RR station & Tower Checking cables and couplings for breakage, loose fittings, other faults and replacing /rectifying the same
  • Antenna Checking for any possible antenna faults, dismounting if faulty and mounting the repaired new antenna
  • Antenna Alignment Checking for Antenna misalignment and correcting the same
  • Physical checking of Telecom Towers Checking of correct torque of nut bolts & replacing if any faulty
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