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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] in the world, currently Adidas still living in the sports brand second place, while Herbert Hainer in Adidas full 15 years, the last may be the most sad year: they share price fell 38%, and in the North American market and even lost to Under Armour, fell to the third position. Adidas how to deal with it? "run faster wins." Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer predicted German sporting goods giant Herzogenaurach (Herzogenaurach) forward the world's first "sporting goods company" forward. He was not joking. During eight hours of marathon runners Group Investor Day, all executives were present, Hainer said Adidas will make the factory moved back to Asia, in order to shorten the production cycle; at the same time according to seasonal trends and the best-selling products, accelerate new season creation. The project, the company will be the young brand NEO test the water, so that the brand can break the industry standard within 12 to 18 months out of new products, shortened to 45 days. future Adidas store will directly operate production facilities may use robots. Group, he said, after the customer will get a personalized pair of sneakers in 15 minutes, almost enjoying a cup of coffee. "This will shock the entire industry." Adidas is responsible for global sales of Roland Auschel speculation, noting that sporting goods manufacturers will become the industry's first use of this new business model, the regular price is expected to increase sales by 20%, while the risk of short-selling It will be reduced. "We will be faster delivery, and will get more fruitful results through our strong control network, we hope to be able to enhance the total sales in 2020 more than 60 percent. And all of this (25%) required more stringent product portfolio, while increasing investment market inputs and a single product. "Hainer added. Adidas said on Thursday, the five-year growth rate is not the only pillar plan. Group, said the next focus will be put to the six relevant city: Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo, noted that more traffic compared to other countries in these key cities. "If we win in New York and Los Angeles markets, then we can win the US market." Auschel cited an example. In addition, he adds in 50% of the population lives in these key cities, and contribute 80 percent of global GDP. "These are our new plan focuses on the culture of the land." As part of the strategy, Adidas also hope to link more closely with end consumers, according to Hainer as saying that their goal is to become "the first athlete can build, consumers, partners, and customers together sports brand . " "We have to cooperate with some creative recent success stories is our pleasant cooperation .Kanye with Kanye West's really like to work with us, according to his words, because we provide the oxygen for his creation, And his former partner just like to take his name only. "Hainer said. The company hopes that by 2017, 30% of branded content can be created by users. Adidas is further estimated that by 2020, the company's e-commerce business will rise fourfold, to achieve 2 billion euros, translated into $ 2.2 billion. It Auschel earlier, when 60% of the expenditure will be used to purchase electronic digital devices. Group is currently investing heavily in digital business, including online orders, show the company's full line of products, "Endless gallery" shipped directly from the store and he called the energy, and as shorten production delivery ti cheap air jordans online me, never have no stock situation. Auschel pointed out, most recently in Moscow's 20-store introduced online orders, sales within a week increased by 30%. "This is significant." He intends by the end of August, will this model be extended to 200 stores. the end of 2014, adidas successfully reverse the loss. Representation in the new five-year plan targets an annual net profit growth of 15%, while until 2020, excluding currency factors, the annual sales will show a high-digit growth year on year; while shops will be set up around 500-600. Hainer acknowledged that the company has to learn from past mistakes, "we are not concerned about consumer demand, too static, resulting in the loss of the brand enthusiasm." But the sporting goods industry is growing at an annual growth rate of 7%, compared to consumer electronics industry (6%) and personal care industries (5%), he said: "For us, this is very good news." how to win more female consumers are sports giants next challenge. Pictured Adidas brands have signed actress. Adidas has been hoping for further development in the United States, because it holds 30% of the global sporting goods market. In the United States, they lost to rival Adidas, Nike, because consumers believe that Nike is more cool. Adidas North American market director Mark King said: "We did not win the American athletes and the hearts of consumers." He acknowledged that Adidas too dependent on football, which is the source of two billion euros in annual sales. Adidas eligible under this category, although the lead but failed to capture the unique mentality of American consumers. " before there is NIKE, chased after the Under Armour, Under Armour in the second half of 2014 surpassed Adidas, became the second-largest sports brand American market. "If you want stronger in the United States, we can not only control the football field. American average every high school has 15 sports associations. There are 35 universities in other countries, a sport dominated, but here is different. Sports determines the social property. " To start from scratch in a particular area to increase awareness, Adidas plans to devote more attention to basketball, baseball, volleyball, hockey, football and more importantly, it can bring a lot of fan base. "It does not bring much profit," King said. "But this will gain the hearts of consumers. And we need to break this chain, let everyone know that Adidas is a cool brand." King cited a recent success story, Eastbay prepared in collaboration with Adidas' high school athletes will go to where to buy equipment "catalog. "Since its launch, our American football shoes became the best-selling models," More than the Nike and other competing products. "So if you say, 'We can change the status of it?' My answer is 'capable.' We just need to catch this opportunity, it is in front of us," he said happily. In addition, adidas will in cooperation with the NBA after the expiration relations, sponsoring individual athletes instead of the entire team, and rethink its retail model. "Today we have 30 stores across the United States, there are 25 different models, the brand is not the same caliber." King regret a little table. In the United States, the price is another question. "If we want the United States strong, we need a strong franchise, allows us to mid-priced between $ 70 ?? ??? 100," King said, which makes the brand sales success in two years rose from 0 pairs 7,000,000 pairs. Group plans to double global running series, and "substantial" investment in the United States, which also helped Reebok (Reebok) to enhance the popularity of the ground. Recently, Hainer clarify the intention to sell Adidas, Reebok rumors. "There is no doubt that Reebok is one of our three brands (with adidas and TaylorMade golf together). Over the past seven years, we have been tempered, but we still will not give up the side of the brand." Reebok chairman Matt OToole recognize this sudden turn of events he waited "too long", but now "has become a great cause," and now is the time to invest 76 billion euros in the fitness industry. His main target groups are: the new "healthy generation" university education of consumers, a week to exercise four times, do three different sports. "They occupy 20% of the active population, accounted for 33% of global consumption of the fitness industry, consumers spending more than the average 40%." OToole said. Reebok said their focus will still be in the major cities, they opened a total of 443 FitHubs in these cities, and retail performance in these areas than in the past to enhance 27%. "We want consumers to be able to become again the creator of the future will be the era of fitness." Brands chairman, he said, and training will be introduced to combat one of the fastest growing in the future. Adidas, Reebok also need to win more female consumers, recently brought 40 percent of their profits for Reebok, this number is expected to continue to rise in 2020 by 10%. "Women are the main consumers of the family. Their buying behavior, 100% for themselves, 91% for children, and 67 percent for men. They are active in all sports and social media," Adidas global brand director Eric Liedtke said, "they are also 80 percent of the sporting goods buyers, this is our biggest opportunity." 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The train does not have an end. Where will the next stop in Jinjiang be? A forum on the future development of Jinjiang shoes, held in Jinjiang, outlines a clear picture for us. we are pleased to see that now the Jinjiang footwear industry, has been out of the past family background, to be replaced by a more advanced model of modern enterprise is more perfect, many mature enterprises are consciously seeking a scientific development, which is from the enterprise to go on listing everything in good order and well arranged one way to obtain evidence, and the government's timely guidance also virtually accelerate the trend of development. the forum invited the Fujian provincial council, including local government, well-known enterprises and other industry insiders in Taiwan counterparts, indicates the direction for the development of Jinjiang. for the future, Jinjiang's enterprise ideas are clear, innovation is the source of power, and talent is the foundation of innovation. When innovation leads the development of the industry, the prospect of the industry has been valued. When the talent becomes the pillar of the enterprise, the vitality of the enterprise will be expanded indefinitely. this is the Jinjiang shoe industry is experiencing great transformation, which includes Jinjiang entrepreneurs collective wisdom and consciousness, this is a must, from which we also realized a spirit of regional culture, because it is related to the organization of the government, enterprises, and their performance on the industry the enthusiasm and interest, are virtually to promote the healthy development of the industry. all these efforts are brought together to have the Jinjiang shoes we see today; and his future has no doubt about it...... Anta ad changes Anta's ad shows an ambition and vision for Anta Anta (Chinese) Limited company president Ding Zhizhong: two of Anta's ads, "I love" and "we are the champions of the world" represents the two different stages, because both Anta and the whole development process of Jinjiang enterprises, each enterprise is not the same. In the first ad, the starting point is to make Anta famous. The second ad, there is a very important purpose is how to establish a brand positioning for Anta, so we put forward the Anta "training never stop" one