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ha ha ha, open your mouth and laugh Jack Purcell recently, another new work has been done. Both the classical Jack Purcell seems to be the best memories of high school, kicking off a middle school, have a pair of durable white Jack Purcell, mom no longer have to worry about my shoes are worn out. White is the hallmark of the toe Jack Purcell can not shake, but recently launched a new "black lip" open smile, this really is the lips "white teeth". Classic white toe with black color, the "tooth" opening in front of the white crescent. If it is infinite creativity, fun black and white match. classic woven Y-3 Qasa High Knit retro new color Reebok Classics LX8500 "Collective Pack"" comments on : Classic woven Y-3 Qasa High Knit next: retro, new color, Reebok, Classics, LX8500, Collective, Pack"The return of Nike Flyknit Racer, in 2016 to become the most let one of the shoes fans a surprise, read "Blue Tint" in Triple, "Black" and "Rough Green" design excellence, the Nike also announced a new "double Blue" color Glow. Designed with blue, green, and yellow Flyknit interwoven to form a vamp, retaining the classic veins of the Flyknit Racer, with the heel detail and black and white light running soles. It is reported that the shoes will be sold first in Europe in February 24, 2017. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes adidas 2016 fall winter Response TR new color series Ronnie Fieg revealed that KITH x adidas UltraBOOST Mid will be on sale comments on last article: adidas 2016, fall winter Response TR new color series next: Ronnie Fieg revealed KITH, x, Adidas, UltraBOOS sale financial tsunami hit, the Quanzhou shoe enterprises to resist the risk, looking for opportunities to upgrade. "Quanzhou shoe industry" well-known brands, combined with Taiwan enterprise marketing world brand experience, the next 10 years in Quanzhou, we can create an international brand." Taiwan Footwear Association chairman Lin Zhaojie on her confidence in the prospects for cooperation. How to deepen the cooperation between the Quanzhou shoe the next step, the two shoes industry association chamber of Commerce and the prospects. East Coast West C Cheap jordans online oast joint defense compere: how is the development situation of Taiwan shoe enterprise at present? Lin Zhaojie: if you want to say that the footwear industry in Taiwan over the past few years what changes have taken place, look at the development of the mainland footwear industry today will know. At present, the footwear industry in Taiwan is almost 97% investment and set up factories in the mainland. From the original shoes, shoes, to the most advanced shoe-making equipment, have moved to the mainland, take root in the mainland. Over the past few years, the mainland has successfully undertaken the shoe-making industry in Taiwan, but it still needs further breakthroughs in enhancing the added value of its products. Quanzhou's shoe industry a lot is transferred or inherited from Taiwan, Taiwan and many of the footwear industry transnational investment experience, experience in production management, research and development experience, Quanzhou shoe is worth reference. A certain amount of capital operation, coupled with advanced scientific research breakthroughs, I believe that in the next ten years, Quanzhou will produce a number of genuine world brands. And Taiwan is different, because China has a vast domestic market, consumer groups will be billions of potential can help the brand grow well. Moderator: two how to see the next 10 years, the development direction of the footwear industry? : ; Lin Zhaojie: Quanzhou footwear industry chain is quite complete and mature, shoes need a variety of materials, matching manufacturers in the city can quickly find. This concentration of space will undoubtedly reduce the production costs of foreign investors. our association has organized to India, Vietnam and some Southeast Asian countries study, although there are relatively cheap labor, but the lack of the most important sources of raw materials and complete industrial chain, if we expect Taiwan to there, only a maximum of 20 years of development space, therefore Taiwan investors may choose to an industry based weak or a blank place to fight a lone battle. Ding Shuibo: RMB appreciation, raw material price growth, rising labor costs, trade friction... )PUMA Disc System exclusive turntable technology still let the fans feel playful shoes, and the return to Japan veteran tide brand WHIZ LIMITED and Mita sneakers will again with the well-known shoe store PUMA launched three party joint design. The Blaze Swift Tech to choose the blueprint for the design, and to calm the black and gray spliced shoes, details from the blue dotted, finally with luminous outsole presentation. WHIZ-LIMITED-mita-sneakers-PUMA-Disc-Swift-Tech-11.jpg (398.51 KB, download number: 26) download WHIZ LIMITED x Mita sneakers x PUMA Blaze Swift Tech WM 2017-2-6 16:36 upload WHIZ-LIMITED-mita-sneakers-PUMA-Disc-Swift-Tech-21.jpg (317.51 KB, download number: 24) download WHIZ LIMITED x Mita sneakers x PUMA Blaze Swift Tech WM 2017-2-6 16:36 upload WHIZ-LIMITED-mita-sneakers-PUMA-Disc-Swift-Tech-31.jpg (330.38 KB, download number: 18) download WHIZ LIMITED x Mita sneakers x PUMA Blaze Swift Tech WM 2017-2-6 16:36 upload WHIZ-LIMITED-mita-sneakers-PUMA-Disc-Swift-Tech-71.jpg (299.96 KB, download number: 14) download WHIZ LIMITED x Mita sneakers x PUMA Blaze Swift Tech WM 2017-2-6 WHIZ LIMITED Mita 16:36 upload , sneakers, PUMA, Blaze Swift Tech 00In 2012 SRAM launched its first 1X transmission system of the first special industry, which has become a leader in 1X technology. SRAM in the test and production using SRAM 1X hundreds of thousands of sets of transmission system, from past experience and shortcomings, to create a new driving system with EAGLE:tm: technology. Watch the Sea Otter site, with the latest product advice for everyone. new SRAM XX1 suite with EAGLE:tm: technology, not only to enhance the strength and durability, while the range of gear ratios reached 500%. Then let us look at adding EAGLE:tm: technology XX1 suite what is not the same. is the first flywheel gear ratio and gear ratio, this is the new XX1 suite was the largest and most obvious change from the 11 speed upgrade to 12 speed, gear ratio range from 420% to 500%. Greatly improve the ability to adapt to the venue and line, but also further discourage you also prepared to keep the idea of double disc. new XX1 flywheel also joined the X-GUIDE:tm:2 technology, so that more accurate and fast speed, but also to the chain with a larger flywheel bite more closely. The structure of the flywheel is the same as before, but the shape of the maximum flywheel back panel is different from the size of the dial still uses X-HORIZON:tm: technology, to maintain the stable performance, prevent false cable displacement; but due to changes in speed and gear ratio, in the details of change. in order to adapt to the bigger teeth ratio range, the position of the guide wheel for the appropriate adjustments, and dial the tension wheel from the previous 12t up to 14T. although equipped with X-SYNC:tm: technology of positive and negative tooth disc has allowed us to enjoy the fun of thoroughly remould oneself, but SRAM did not stop to this, the development and in the new kit using the new technology of X-SYNC:tm:2. as Eagle like shape of the tooth profile design to faster and more securely locked chain, but also can provide more smooth riding feeling, EAGLE:tm:, hence the name. At the same time, X-SYNC:tm:2 technology is also very focused on the wear resistance and durability, so the mud properties were optimized. The tooth with like EAGLE:tm: mark Talonwith X-ACTUATION:tm: technology XX1 exclusive also played the EAGLE:tm: logo, rod and the cover are made of carbon fiber material., every time Air Jordan brand is always criticized by many people for launching a new color match for an old shoe, but this time they launched the white black matching color for Air Jordan , 11 IE Low, but they were well received. After all, Air Jordan 11 is the most classic matching color. Air Jordan XI IE Low is lower than the original shoe upper, and there are many hollowed mesh on the vamp. It has better breathability and is more suitable for summer wear. The sole part is almost entirely used in the first year, the design of white black Air Jordan 11, the light blue crystal bottom plus the super large carbon plate. The shoes will be listed on August 13th for $ the old American sneaker brand, PONY launched the jogging shoes as early as 1970s. In recent years, Han Feng's "retro jogging shoes" trend has also enabled PONY's DNA to take the opportunity to return to the mainstream public view. This season by retro running shoes, Effie leggy goddess show the trend of taste, see SOHO jogging shoes type not only retains the 4 cm machine last increased effect, narrow slender elegant body; SOLA-V series to create a new style of top quality, using 5 cm insoles and V type design of wearable and anti slip rubber sole vamp, smooth lines and asymmetric toe design, full of fashion temperament. SOLA-V series SOHO jogging shoes Now, they are many color kicks of 2016 Nike Zoom Pegasus 33 Women are available in our site,and those sport shoes are all hot because of their fresh style.Those sport shoes are widely appreciated and bought among the runners ,whose price now on our website is very reasonable and they are brand quality.It is luxuriant and fashionable that many women come here to own them to make themselves fashion also wearing the shoes could make wearing more comfortable.There is the symbol of Nike on its both side,which make them more attractive.Wear this pair of Nike sport shoes,you will be a fashion man.It is a great series shoes that many people want to own them.So wonderful discount Original Nike Sport Shoes, everyone should not skip out the item. Nike Zoom Pegasus 33 Women Shoes Have Many Fre" /〉I like this news,and it's fromAir Jordan with hot shoes in recent years, about Michael Jordan legend have been known. Until more recently broke Jordan brand will be engraved Michael Jordan once passed through the transition shoe type air jordan 1 / 2 hybrid, but Jackson owns and wearing air jordan 1, and his battle arena first boots, nike air ship high is fresh to know, with the increasing development of sneaker culture, Jordan Brand whether one day back to the this shoe?? search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: ebayday before, Weihai inspection and Quarantine Bureau in the French leather (glabrous full grain Lamb Leather) found the implementation of inspection and quarantine, the formaldehyde content exceed the standard, there are hazards to human health and environment safety. Therefore, the Weihai Bureau will refund the shipment. This is the first time Weihai port failed to import qualified leather. ( gives a home to a fashion designer) in recent years, both at home and abroad begin to pay attention to the harm of formaldehyde on the human body, the content of formaldehyde in leather has attracted widespread concern in the industry and society, and has become an important content of "green trade measures", other countries have enacted regulations or standards, the formaldehyde content made strictly limited. December 1, 2007, the implementation of the national mandatory standards GB20400-2006 "leather and fur harmful substances limit", but also on the content of formaldehyde made a limited requirement. Weihai inspection and Quarantine Bureau to remind the relevant enterprise must pay attention to safety, health and other issues, import contracts, safety and hygiene to clear our mandatory standards, it can not only prevent the product entry, but also can provide a strong basis for solving disputes claims. As the inspection and quarantine departments, to improve the professional quality inspection personnel, strengthen professional and technical training, improve the structure of existing staff, and comprehensively improve the quality of personnel, to become professional and technical personnel have a deep understanding of the various technical indexes. (Editor: admin)After yesterday we exposed the New York tide brand Public School teamed up with Jordan Brand Air Jordan 12 PSNY remodeling, and today a new Air Jordan Horizon followed. The overall design of the integration of Air Jordan Future and Air Jordan 13 shoes outsole and uppers, and by special decoration with leather texture, there is no available information to friends interested may wish to lock our tracking reports. psny-air-jordan-horizon.jpg (172.26 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan Horizon PSNY 2015-9-28 08:49 upload Jordan 01