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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; sporting goods market the two giants Nike and Adidas are old rivals in the Olympic Games is no exception. Nike & quot; betting type & quot; sponsor some of them might become a popular star and sports teams, requiring spokesperson or endorsements team wear Nike apparel in the game, in order to speak with the spokesperson or team together to win and shiny. Adidas will get an introduction to any winning team wearing Adidas clothing on the podium interests. Such competition for brand promotion and competition, whether it still make sense? It is a widely debated topic is. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in fact, from the "biggest event on the planet," "the most profitable event" to evaluate "the most commercially successful sports in the 21st century," the we clearly see Olympic Games has become a very scarce resource, it is unique and comprehensive global attention athletic games. And with the general theory does not match races on different game, while the Olympics beyond the sport itself, it rises to the spiritual and cultural level, is "peace, friendship, humanity, progress" and other elements of a publicity and heritage, with expansion and carry forward the foundation, so it attracted many businesses rush at all costs, so it attracted many businesses rush at all costs, because the Olympics is the only platform for the best corporate image building and brand promotion. Coupled with the International Olympic Committee on the strict protection of sponsors and Ningquewulan of resource scarcity, the Olympic platform even more precious. Meanwhile, business involvement and communication, and more in turn further promote and expand the Olympic charm eruption and radiation. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; We Cheap foamposites for sale know that the business community is the only constant in the competition, which is any one company can not escape. Competition is better to take the initiative rather than passively for the initiative. That's why McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken to close combat glued reason, Coca-Cola and Pepsi also uphold this concept of competition. Competition is not to make the opponent to death, but to cultivate their ability to survive and cope with the crisis, and to maximize the potential of mining and stimulate business development. Like Beijing Olympic sponsors and non-sponsors Adidas, Nike, like this old enemy, because of the situation they are such corporate giants duel between the two sports have swept the global enterprise market bigger and bigger fruit. The only difference between them is very good reason because the identity of the sponsor, Adidas took a frontal attack way to get the market, and Nike is taking a side outflank place unexpectedly, as long as the rules comply with the Olympic Games, does not infringe, not offside within reasonable limits, we can also put the full inventory of intangible resources Olympics, for its use, because who can be attached to limit the Olympic Games, who have become the driving force and is likely to continue or to ensure global brand box office. This is a business of the Olympic sports, Adidas and Nike are the same purpose, that is to maximize the expansion of the global market, especially in China and other emerging market countries, and more than just in order to defeat the other. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "person who, by the fire, the fire by wind Viagra", is because of the Olympic events of bundling and analogies, only the interpretation of this ultimat Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale e showdown and a platform between Adidas and Nike, thus further full each enterprise's own resources and potential completely released, otherwise leave the Olympic Games is not possible, at least not achieve this effect, only and only Olympic Games in order to provide a platform for such a business occasion. Therefore, as long as the Olympic Games held continuously, explicit or implicit this game sponsors and non-sponsors will continue, and this is the charm of the Olympic Games. Do not worry about the Olympic sponsors there is no value, to whom should be protected or on who caused the injury problems. Especially in the Chinese market has a huge room for growth in this market, both Adidas or Nike will not easily let go. Just hope to participate in the Olympic Games as Chinese sports delegation's duel, as both sponsor or non-sponsors, have appeared more Chinese enterprises faces and voices. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Pangya Hui: Inspire jump Management Consulting Co., principal consultant division. Well-known marketing consulting, appliances issue research, brand and crisis management experts, many companies consultant. Author of monograph crisis management "test: the moves of crisis management", launched the first professional advisory report - "2007 China water treatment products end combat advisory report" launched the industry's first "2008 ten water treatment Great Hot concerned about the incident. " Mr. Pang is also the Expert Committee of China Industrial Alliance brand committee, brand planning and management division certification committee, China Brand Research Institute Senior Fellow, Chinese net worth hundred experts, Dragon TV, First Financial Channel, CNBC and other TV institutions business Financial Cheap foamposites for sale section Contributing experts, several well-known business class media management contract columnist, training institutions contracted trainer. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; please contact communication, e-mail:, mobile: 13341921106 & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; website: www.ezhuoyue.comJust Don and Jordan Brand jointly build Air Jordan 2, has been because of the feeling of luxury and become one of the most sneakers lovers want to shoes. Use fresh color with delicate shoe body car line building, once again embodies the design concept of AJ2 fine workmanship. Solid metal and leather, shoe buckle shoe body in multiple embroidery patterns without showing the shoes of the luxury temperament. Don C will be released on sale in June 16th C x Air men Don Jordan 2 Retro Arctic Orange, priced at $500. This offering only male, female friends can look after there is no chance! Air Jordan Luxury Collection ??????air jordan white cement for sale ty beanie boos keychains Google Search air max black black concord Oval Halo Engagement Ring and Wedding Band jordan white cement for sale ty beanie boos&nb" /〉 custom gloves baseball In just a few minutes a simple Hershey bar can become a penguin or a snowman thank you Look how adorable these are I found the free printables for these candy bar wrappers here You ll find other wrappers there beyond snowmen and penguins those two were just my favorites We re asics range X Men Origins Wolverine Promo shot of Hugh Jackman air jordan white cement for sale ty beanie boos keychains Google Search Nike Dunk comes with a simple style and a clean color, and SB returns to the roots to reproduce the roots of the wind. This time they launched the black / Ob cheap air jordans online sidian - white color version. This pair of shoes and the side end and toe to black holes in leather making, very eye-catching, and obsidian suede are covered. This shoe is also equipped with a grey suede hook, with white under the outsole, Shashi good-looking. The last is the shoe body back white NIKE trademark, and black canvas uppers are surging, the collision of dazzling brilliance. This new product is now on sale in Kasina, a famous specialty store, with retail price of $95, and no favorite friends can miss it. Source: Battle shoes Wang Nike SB Dunk Nike WMNS Air new quick report pink girl Force 1 comments on A: Nike SB Dunk a new quick report: Nike WMNS Air Force 1 Pink Girl black domineering return 2014 AJ moves frequently, it is full of expectations of the year, the first wave of action hit so heavy people be unable to stop. In order to meet the arrival of 2014, Jordan Brand's many kinds of brand shoes recently have to show a new look, of which Air Jordan 1 Mid Red Suede/Black color release is one of the blockbuster. The design concept of this shoe is aimed at the Chicago bulls, choosing the red suede shoes with black leather, and then carrying a white midsole and a red outsole. However, the sale of the shoes has not yet been reported, interested friends may wish to pay attention to. Merry Christmas / Concepts for Nike SB 2013 "Ugly Sweater" Christmas don't note series "back to 60s/ Adidas Gazelle OG new color series" comments on last article: "Merry Christmas / Concepts for SB Nike 2013" Ugly Sweater "Christmas do not note series" next article: back to 60s/ Adidas Gazelle OG new color seriesNike Air Max 90 Breathe " Rio" 2014-05-06 22:49:51; exposure to prepare for this year's Wo jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black rld Cup in Brazil, Nike launched a new Nike Air Max 90 Breathe " Rio" shoes, new design vamp greatly enhanced the permeability of shoes, let your feet in hot weather can also keep dry, heel position using the luminous material the use of luminous elements, make shoes considerably. At the moment, there is no release information, and friends like the retro running shoes, please pay close attention to it. item: 667634-300 PUMA FTR Disc Lite "black camouflage" marketing information 2014-09-10 14:08:37 recently PUMA's popular FTR Disc shoes PUMA Lite launched a new color, the overall effect is black, in details and at the end of the modified camouflage effect, the classic magic still stands in the middle of the turntable position, as PUMA's "activity" for people's shoes. Low-key color, must be "captured" a calm introverted friend, at present this shoe has been available in some foreign online store, priced at 90 euros. The Jordan Brand product line extension, then for a football star Neymar launched a new suit, this time for its women's sprinter Kori Carter launched the Jumpman track spike professional running shoes. This design is very concise, delicate shoes covered with the burst pattern of classic, supplemented by Jumpman decorative flank. 1.jpg (371.73 KB, download number: 8) download Jumpman track spike professional running shoes 2016-6-15 upload 11:38 2.jpg (411.75 KB, download number: 8) download Jumpman track spike professional running shoes 2016-6-15 11:38 upload 00 professional running shoes. would you like to see some new styles of footwear every year? Well, you can go to Australia spring international shoes exhibition every February. the exhibition should be the dual needs of suppliers and buyers, founded in 2006, around the world to attract a large number of small and medium professional buyers to negotiate, but also attracted a large number of professional designers to collect new trend and design philosophy the exhibition, directly into the Australian trade market on a high quality professional trade exhibition. the beginning of this exhibition plan is held once a year. Later, in order to meet the requirements of buyers of the seasonal demand and footwear products, the Australian International Exhibition shoes for the two year, were held in February in Australia and Sydney Exhibition Center August held in Melbourne International Exhibition center. Among them, the February exhibition of shoes is a professional footwear, footwear, shoe exhibition August swept the fashionable goods, leather products, bags or corresponding accessories exhibited the same period, is the first comprehensive exhibition of Australian footwear and leather products. (editor in chief: Asian shoes industry)A slogan arena: the country is a fan, Beijing Guoan horse. Comrades, we do not advocate ah, we do not advocate, we are concerned about why this is, this is what kind of story? rumors: users pull into the tidehas never been the team's fans so cross, and never any team fans to all the other teams have offended. The car hit the Football Association this thing, the other team fans on the stand is big fun. National security fans smashed it smashed, but also when the police face to the football association staff to fight, this thing is 12 years, it is not a secret. went to work, wild whistle laser pen not to say, the basic is everywhere, can not rely on the national security. But the field is full of monkey big idiot, idiot idiot dog can roll, Jiangsu, covers big idiot... The home court scold understanding, basically the whole world, turned upside down, call back sooner or later. But the one by one to scold again, rare. In this way, we can not blame the people focused on the back. if it is on the one hand, then on the other hand is the Beijing sports taiwan. All local stations are biased in favor of their own home team, but add up to the extent of Beijing Taiwan is not deep. Overkill, especially some local sports is not broadcast own team in the away game, the fans to the channel to BTV, explaining that a sentence, TV before a crowd of people scold a sentence. rumors two: users laiyoen98 cup 0 5 water than subdominant Samsung, no fighting, insulting our people, open Chinese Club massacre precedent! Nietzsche once said, to see a woman, with your whip, I have to say, in the face of Beijing national security, but also to bring your whip! Beijing national security, kneel! against stick 9 defeats, was the stick seen Guoan send extension, shameless, also boasts for Beijing masterses, is weak and the weak, why want to cheat! How do your parents raise you up? Beijing national security, kneel! slogan forever title, the truth is always not to contend for. In 2009 by the godfather blessing, get history weakest champion and is not recognised by other local fans, the champion, cited the Forum Beijing fans a piece of boiling, as everyone knows, Beijing Guoan has long been notorious. Beijing national security, kneel! At the beginning of 2010, Beijing fans in each big forum clamor, outside the station to bring honor to the Chinese people, the civil war to for their 2009 whistle champion name. Last fall All is lost., AFC Champions League League both humiliated. Beijing national security, your parents have what use? Beijing national security, kneel! The League is Luneng ravaged, Beijing media have said: sincerely convinced depressed! is the man, why are you over, you are really a eunuch? AFC Champions League by South Korea bloodbath, to a flat, can lose, but can not be a coward. Last year on the warm-up match, Beijing, the country's fighting events are not uncommon, lose lose. 16 years without a crown 〉Air Jordan 11 Low "tuxedo" Michael Jordan's PE 2013-12-08 22:56:06 Jordan if Air 11 Low " Concord" PE not enough to make you feel excited, this Air Jordan 11 Low " tailcoats " Jordan PE will let you shine at the moment. The shoes are made of clean black and white colors, which can well reflect the beginning of MJ's idea, which is to make sneaker conquer the of the stadium, or wear a tuxedo. The picture comes from SOLOFLY in Florida. Interested friends may wish to pay attention to.Diemme Chocolate on - Velvet snow boots Grey Firenze 2013-12-08 22:35:50 founded in 1992, Italy snow boots brand Diemme although founded only 20 years of history, but its production process and technology was established in Italy city Montebelluna snow boots factory has given the young brand for 150 years, so that each pair of shoes reaching high quality guarantee. Today recommended this is Diemme this autumn's new 7 hole 7 hole boots boots, the Chocolate on Grey Firenze the famous Italy velvet manufacturers to provide quality; Lanificio Bigagli Tweed Extra 4MM thick velvet, suede and collocation of vibram outsole, show excellent texture. It can be said that this pair of Diemme Chocolate on Grey Firenze is one of the best fashion boots to deal with cold weather.