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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Section 5 "Clash of the Fashion Titans" organized by the FashionUnited object of study for the Adidas and Nike, the two world-renowned sportswear brand. While Adidas has been leading to Nike, but Nike recently in the global sportswear market share overtook Adidas, and both sides are also actively adopt various means and strategies to seize the sportswear market. The difference between Adidas and Nike in which it is different from their brand image, advertising strategies are not the same, or different development model in overseas markets, and cooperative manner or fashion differently? From Global Brandz director Peter Walshe Adidas and Nike think the main difference is that profit margins and brand market share. BrandZ market research survey research every year 10,000 brands, more than 200 objects, including asking customers from more than 30 countries, how they reach the consumer demand from the brand, the brand there are three aspects of how unique, and brand connection degree to study brand. This survey shows that in the eyes of consumers Nike seems more creative and innovative, relatively more arrogant, while Adidas's image more friendly, practical. Based on this point, Nike and Adidas have adopted a variety of advertising strategies to showcase the diversity of their own brand of goods, to meet the needs of a variety of sports, in this regard, Adidas more successful. Adidas in social networking sites and marketing has a strong position, offer a variety of types of clothing exclusive advertising in each market, invite celebrity endorsements and other forms have achieved good results. Nike is not far behind in the Indian market, the introduction of Pro Bra series of large-scale advertising campaign. In addition, Adidas and Nike in terms of cross-border cooperation has also increased investment, Adidas in 2003 and the latest designer Yohji Yamamoto's collaboration series, after Adidas designer series has become a hot cross-border cooperation, such as Stella McCartney , Jeremy Scott and Rita Ora, and so on. jordan shoes online sale In general, although the recent Adidas Nike catch up with the momentum, but the market competitiveness of Adidas can not be underestimated, both bound to become increasingly fierce competition. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)??????air max sneakerboot bamboo Louise and Jack Simply designed heritage page in a rich color palette shoes online sale indianapolis Paula Deen s amazing chicken casserole keyingredient cheese chicken cheddar max sneakerboot bamboo Louise and Jack " /〉 air jordan black and blue Team Rocket I fin this adorable They are supposed to be quot evil quot an quot mean quot but through being beat up by pikachu ad others and being put down by other teams like team galactic the stay together they do fight somtimes but there friendship pulls through so really I like team rocket I respect them golden goose sneakers online uk Store Cotton on Item Med size Maternity undies air max sneakerboot bamboo Louise and Jack Simply designed heritage page in a rich color palette ??????adina reyter necklaces parkas coat wholesale shoes from china with free shipping all jewelry free run shoes for kids indoor soccer cleats for kids charm bracelet starter chain designer glasses frames online australia chrome heart glasses for sale free run black anthracite mens factory outlet locations california nick jr games free adina reyter necklaces parkas coat In recent Fashion Week shot in off the street, maybe you can see some kids wearing Yeezy Boost 350 street shooting pictures, but those are custom models of other companies. But yesterday, Kanye West Kim Kardashian wife will be on instagram drying out Yeezy Boost 350 real "family", but which also exposed the official channels to build Yeezy Boost 350 children's version, Kim more pictures marked with the hashtag #JustForNorthie However, this pair of unique children's version Yeezy Boost 350, the owner is no doubt that their baby daughter North West. For such a "family", I guess we will have a lot of ho Cheap foamposites for sale me fans adore already now.[Chinese shoes Network - the consumer market] on Taobao to buy two pairs of so-called "authentic" Nike shoes, get a hand saw, rough, LOGO very "cottage." These days, Mr. Li Yuhuan encountered such a dilemma, he suspected that the shoes are fake, ask the seller for compensation. Not only can the seller refused Lee's request, also insisted that two pairs of shoes are from Jiaojiang JJ department store sold. [suspect] "authentic" Nike shoes look like "cottage" goods In mid-May this year, when visiting the Taobao Li Yuhuan, fancy a Nike brand slippers, shoes, original price to 499 yuan. But the seller told Lee during the event, a pair of shoes as long as 188 yuan, and repeated "promise" from Jiaojiang JJ shoes Nike counters sold in department stores, is absolutely genuine. Lee taking into account the price is affordable, but also the store to do that shoes should not leave, they immediately took two pairs of shoes. After a few days, when the courier sent to the hands of Lee, he froze for a moment, send the address turned out to be on the express orders of Putian, Fujian. "Since it is purchasing merchandise from Jiaojiang JJ, why should a big circle around, from Fujian send over there?" He said. Lee opened the package and saw that the inside of the two pairs of shoes to see how all like genuine, there is color, not that rough work, even LOGO are printed very "cottage." Sellers are not issued formal invoice, only one store receipts sent with the goods, a small ticket inscription reads: Zhejiang Taizhou Jinjiang department stores. Subsequently, Mr. Lee put shoes on a sports photos on the forum please friends "identification." Users are given almost unanimous conclusion: fake ! [negotiations] Buyers seek compensation, but it was more of harassing phone calls "before buying, they have repeatedly guaranteed to be authentic, if not three times the price of goods can compensate." Mr. Lee decided to sellers claim. But when Lee contacted the seller on the Internet, they still insist that the shoes are sold in department stores Jinjiang, without any Cheap foamposites for sale problems, and that Lee was vexatious. Lee angrily expressed to give a bad review, I did not expect this, "light" each other's anger. Seller "threat" that if given the negative feedback, they send "dirty stuff" to Lee. in the evening after Lee and buyers contact, his cell phone received more than 20 harassing phone calls, the next few days, we are constantly harassing phone calls. intolerable Lee reported to the local police station. But the police told him that this is the use of harassing phone calls are generally called "Internet phone call software chase" allocated to users of the software difficult to detect. No way, Mr. Lee can only complain to Taobao customer service, but as of yesterday, Taobao did not give a statement. Yesterday, according to Lee's URL, the reporter found that this called before "leave a compensable three genuine counter purchasing shop" Taobao, Mr. Lee still buy shoes online sales. This store has two "Diamond", the "authentic guarantee" "accurately describe the" signs on the home page. [respond] JJ department stores responded: Never opened counter purchasing online shop "Now that the seller has repeatedly insisted that the shoes are from Jiaojiang JJ merchandise sold, then it is not the mall in the sale of counterfeits?" Lee thought the mall to find an explanation. "This is certainly not the two pairs of shoes sold in our store." Jinjiang merchandise planning department official said, because the mall was never opened shop, the Internet has no counter purchasing shops, "This is obviously Taobao Jinjiang is the use of department store brands to sell their goods, which have to some extent had a negative impact to the mall. We are prepared through legal channels, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and the mall. " Recently, the reporter contacted the Nike brand in Taizhou area of ??a dealer Zhang Yong. He said that after this happened, they also helped Lee examined the mall to buy two pairs of shoes, the test results are counterfeit products: "Last year, the bridge several shopping malls are also a similar incident occur Cheap air jordans for sale red, and now there are a lot of network the name of the mall stores are counter purchasing banner cheat consumers trust, the sale of counterfeit and shoddy products. We recommend that consumers online shopping must stay in mind "(Chinese shoes Network -. the most authoritative and most professional shoe News, Media Partners : Clothing News)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - News With the changes in the international economic situation, China the world's factory name seems to interference by neighboring countries. For example, now in the Nike shoes manufacturing, China will receive strong competition from Vietnam. Nike sports shoes are outsourcing production, in 2001 China produced 40 percent of its shoes, ranking first in all countries, Vietnam accounts for only 13% of the share. By 2010, Vietnam than China, accounting for 37%, China relegated to second place, accounting for 34%. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Analysts pointed out that the migration of Nike production base proved to enhance labor costs in China, China is no longer synonymous with cheap labor market, the status of the world's factory is constantly sinking . On the other hand, some of the foundry business out of China at the same time, more and more foreign companies started to increase R & D investment in China, and some even global R & D center moved to China. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; China's world factory status is threatened, which in the end is a good thing or a bad thing? Manufacturer withdraw China in the end why? Are there opportunities in crisis? After the world's factory, China can become the world's next R & D center? Voice of special economic observers, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, deputy director of Jinglin Bo made the following comments. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Moderator: As can be seen from the example of Nike, China as a manufacturing power advantage seems are disappearing. Currently, the situation in China is not a universal phenomenon? Also this in the end is a good thing or a bad thing? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Jinglin Bo: First, the current Nike's share of p Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale roduction in China is lower than the Vietnam news tip of the iceberg. It is reflected from the side, over the past 30 years, China has experienced high growth after the manufacturing China is facing a transition from cost advantages to other advantages. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; first, this message indicates that China's rising labor costs. Because the Prime Minister, Chinese society should pay more attention to people's livelihood, which is very important is to improve the welfare of labor. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Second, China's market is still large. China will not be eliminated from the competition at the ranks. China still has a large hinterland, and in the past in Japan, Korea and Taiwan is unparalleled. Nike data changes in a given year does not mean that China's manufacturing share of more than 30%, will be like the past, like Japan, fell about 5% or even 10%. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; third, Nike released its new financial report, sales in Mainland breakthrough 20 billion US dollars, the proportion of sales Nike Greater China region's share of global sales ratio of 1 / 10 or more, an increase of 18%. China is Nike, the next most important consumer area, so it will not easily put their own manufacturing and China's consumption isolation. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Moderator: We see a gradual move out of China in the manufacturing sector, while some companies have put their R & D departments and even to build R & D center in China, is not it also shows China now has gone through a manufacturing power, and started the industrial transformation? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Jinglin Bo: Press the center of the argument, the Chinese economy is to change the growth mode, steering past sexual connotation from the extensive mode of growth. Connotation of growth is bound to focus on R & D, which is made in China from the bottom to the ends of the smile curve development, which is the development of an end. These multinationals to China on the establishment of research and development company, increased R & D investment stories abound. There is also a set of numbers that, in the annual graduation of 6 million to 7 million college students, science and engineering students to occupy a considerable share. The engineering and manufacturing, the number of science and engineering graduate students, showing China's technology research and development team in future competitiveness. & nbsp; & nbsp; rigorous education makes Chinese students logical thinking and mathematical skills are very good, monocytes labor costs in research and development teams in other countries there are relatively large gap, so the future of complementary is in the manufacture of high-end would like to take part, the other part is necessary to increase research investment.has entered the dog days of summer, the weather is getting warmer, the outdoor temperature is also more and more high, the daily temperature anxious can almost equal to 40 DEG C, and has been in the two month the hottest fangshujieshu, we are becoming more and more important, so what can we do in summer this hot weather? Now Xiaobian to explain to you several small! To avoid the sun 1.We are most afraid of in summer is the sun, our summer is the most taboo in the sun or outdoor activities and work, especially in the afternoon from one to two when the sun heat the most poisonous, it is best not to go out of our summer at noon, even go out to wear light clothes or wear sunshade umbrella Cap . as the saying goes, the winter 39 day summer training in summer, do not because of the hot weather has been no movement in the air conditioning room, summer also needs our outdoor exercise, we can always sit in the air conditioning room, so very easy to get sick, but also a best sport in summer is swimming, cool has participated in the movement good, and can reach the effect of exercise on the movement of the body. last summer go out of life we can bring a good sunscreen and cool tools, here Xiaobian recommended several. the sun hat, don't worry about the sun tanned old, with gauze and professional breathable wind rope buckle, very stylish, but also fashion fan sun, summer also you a white you. Korea summer hat female UV - $16.50Buy super resist ultraviolet UV blocking, professional certification, rate of more than 99%, ergonomic design, wear comfort, summer biking, glasses and the skin will be UV rays, with it, you don't have to worry about being tanned. sun visor cap Ms. summer UV cap $29.00 this big hat along the sun, for the holidays at the seaside you large brim, protect your delicate skin injury. Suitable for hot summer, do not pick the age, 360 degrees of ultraviolet ray, have a unique style design, let you out of the ordinary. summer hat women along the eaves beach hat hat $19.90 360 comprehensive sunscreen, skin friendly comfortable, breathable circulation, light penetration, anti hot, in the long loose inside the collocation of sunscreen clothing, T-Shirts, give people a sense of bright eyes. sunscreen clothing female new summer long Chiffon cardigan $59.90 pure breathing fabric, very cool and has a high permeability. This fairy with chiffon cardigan, micro horn embroidery and cuff sleeve body the pleated design, make you more beautiful, more fashionable, and instantly became a fairy. embroidery sunscreen clothing in the long thin coat dress $49.〉 [Converse] shoes net this year it moves frequently, recently its enduring popularity model Jack Purcell shoes also officially launched a new joint plan, this will start with the famous British Hip-Hop James Lavelle MO" soul promoter; Wax record brand cooperation, together to create the latest version of Jack Purcell cooperation. Jack Purcell LTT remains minimalist white embossed to create camouflage leather uppers, shoes and insoles production on Mo" Wax; and the camouflage pattern but also increased the number of Jack Purcell high design highlights; the vamp with pearl fish leather covered insole and the shoe heel also use camouflage patterns, two shoes equipped with common Mo" Wax "crystal outsole, quite memorable. (global shoe net LAN LAN editor)??????air force low premium Roger Broders North Wales for Holidays Art Photography Sayings and Quotes North Wales Vintage Travel and Holidays wikipedia factories Hannah Payne on Art Photography Sayings and Quotes Posts force low premium Roger Broders North Wales fo" /〉 online shopping singapore clothes This rusty picture demonstrates texture very well i like the many different color incorporated in this picture Rust Texture and Taylors air force low premium Roger Broders North Wales for Holidays Art Photography Sayings and Quotes North Wales Vintage Travel and Holidays launched the theme of the lunar new year, which has become the "traditional custom" of Adidas Originals, and this brand will officially open the 2017 CNY theme series. In order to fit the "chicken" theme, Adidas Originals to create new styles of mahjong "China traditional unitary chicken as inspiration, Superstar, Superstar Slip-on, Stan Smith, TUBULAR Radial and EQT Support 93/16 BOOST 5 year double shoes limited. playing mahjong has always been an important activity for Chinese people to celebrate the festival. Every family will meet with their family or 35 friends during the Spring Festival, so as to contact the feelings. While the chicken is homophonic "Ji", as auspicious meaning, so in the China auspicious patterns often appear to see the chicken. The debut of the heel pad and five kinds of sports shoes are "mahjong" and "Mao chicken" pattern of embellishment, to bring out the Chinese chicken theme, in addition with a "unitary" chicken mahjong pendant, very interesting colors. Series in the design of the uppers are also made of special sense of hair materials, classic design adds a wealth of Chinese traditional national quintessence elements. One of a pair of EQT 93/16 derived from the classic Support EQT Support 93/16 BOOST is full of highlights, in addition to retaining element profile and injection technology of BOOST progenitor, even with an imitation mahjong box wooden box with special shoes to echo the theme, collection value. While Superstar, Superstar Slip-on, Stan Smith and TUBULAR Radial are the main black shoes and white soles create strong visual contrast. learned that the new "CNY" series will be released on January 7, 2017.